McLeay Geological Consultants (2006) Ltd.



The McLeay advantage is in the extensive knowledge and experience of both the company and our consultants. McLeay Geological has been involved in the local oil and gas industry for more than thirty years and keenly understands the industry climate and the client’s unique needs. We are able to provide exceptional consultants in a timely manner for every type of well and project. Our qualified team of employees and consultants works towards providing and ensuring the high technical standards that our clients have always expected from us.

Specifically, McLeay’s consultants have extensive experience within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with in excess of 7000 wells drilled in the region. We have additional geological wellsite experience throughout the remainder of Canada, in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, McLeay Geological has a selection of experienced petrographers available to supply detailed descriptions of core and cutting samples.