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Engineering Services

As Geologists and Petroleum Engineers combine their efforts throughout the life of the hydrocarbon accumulations in order to determine the best way in which a reservoir could be developed and depleted, they usually have the highest impact on field economics.

The oil and gas engineers work in several areas of petroleum exploration and extraction and use their knowledge and experience to ensure that drilling operations are conducted accurately and efficiently, the performance of the individual wells is optimized and the recovery of hydrocarbon reached the very best levels.

As we believe in diversification and in providing distinct excellent services to our clients, we ventured recently in creating a new department with the purpose to provide various engineering solutions to a multitude of clients in the oil and gas industry

With passion for excellence and commitment to quality, primary using AccuMap and ValNav, our hard working and experienced team is prepared to assist clients and create value in a cost conscious and efficient manner by providing the following services:

  • Reservoir Characterization Studies
  • Subsurface Structural Maps
  • Well Log Correlation
  • Developing and Applying Reservoir Optimization Techniques
  • Isochore/Isopach Mapping
  • Well Suspension and Reactivation Proposals
  • Application to Commingle Production in the Wellbore
  • Application to Implement an ER Scheme

  • Application to Establish Holdings (for oil & gas producer)
  • Q38 Application (new producing wells)
  • Application under Directive 51 (water injection)
  • Application to Amend Disposal Scheme
  • Application for Disposal of Formation Water
  • Studies for EOR
  • Technical Economic Studies

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