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Operations Geologists and Project Management

Since its inception in 1976, McLeay Geological has been actively offered to its clients, field and in-house geological operations support in a multitude of conventional and unconventional programs. Regardless the area and the scope of work, we acquired the experience and ability to manage a large variety of projects being strongly involved in the following phases:

The preliminary phase

It has mostly to do with the well planning and includes mapping, petrographic evaluation, geological prognosis, organize pre-spud meetings, choose and/or advise on wellsite geologists, mud-loggers, gas-detection equipment, sample catching/washing equipment, organize schedules, journey management, cross check safety compliance, organize on location or remote geosteering, order and store drill cuttings supplies, istubes, isojars, XRF/XRD equipment, etc.

The drilling phase

This phase is a very important in terms of organizing and strengthen the liaison between the people on location (Geology, Drilling, Wireline, Rig crew, etc.) as well as between the people in the field and the office personnel in town. Also, to make sure the preliminary technical, safety and environmental guide lines are strictly followed in order to successfully achieve the scope of work without any substantial mistakes and incidents.
Very often, on large scale programs where a considerable number of geological contractors are involved, it might be crucial to have an Operations Geologist (Team Lead) dividing his time between field and head office and capable to tailor and supervise scheduling, work distribution, quality of geological service, wireline programs, daily reporting, core and cuttings storage and delivery, etc.

The end of the well phase

In this phase we monitor the Final Well Reports and their distribution to Client and Government agencies, distribution and shipping of remaining cuttings and cores, the return of the rented equipment to its suppliers, the return of maps, cross-sections, supplied equipment to the well owner. We also organize post drilling meetings to summarize and asses the entire field and office geological support in order to recognize the pros and cons and improve activity on further assignments.

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