McLeay Geological Consultants (2006) Ltd.



McLeay Geological provides Geological Wellsite Supervision to the oil and gas industry in Canada and abroad. Our experienced consultants have worked throughout Canada and the U.S., in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They have extensive experience in all phases of wellsite supervision including conventional/underbalanced vertical, deviated and horizontal wells, shallow and deep basin Foothills development and exploration programs, coalbed methane, oil sands and heavy oil projects.

McLeay Geological also offers Petrographic Services as well as Geological Operations Services with complete project management for multi-well projects (conventional/unconventional, heavy oil, SAGD and oilsands programs).

Our highly qualified consultants are among the best in the industry.

Service Descriptions

  • Wellsite Supervision
    • Conventional/Unconventional
    • Vertical, Directional & Horizontal
    • Oil Sands, SAGD, Heavy oil
    • Underbalanced, CBM, Shale Gas
    • Offshore Oil Rigs
  • Oilsands Core Analysis & Depth Correction
  • MWD & Directional Drilling Supervision (Geo-Steering)
  • Mud-Logging Services
  • Petrographic Consulting (detailed analysis of core, drill cuttings and thin-sections)
  • Geological Operations
    • Pre-project planning, development and implementation
    • Schedule personnel and services (gas-detection, open hole logging, wellsite geology, tracking core and ensure analysis, etc.)
    • Tracking daily activities and costs