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Since 1976, McLeay Geological has been at the vanguard of Oil & Gas rig based exploration and development operations.

We have been providing on-shore and off-shore geological services in
926 fields of interest to over 400 companies worldwide. Over the last 27 years, we have become very active in unconventional plays as well and serviced approximatively 45 Operators in over 55 fields. Our expert operationally focused geologists, petrographers, operations geologists and office personnel work directly with our clients and their service providers to ensure the highest standards in data acquisition, analysis, delivery and integrity are achieved.

Whether it is exploration or development drilling, individual or pad drills, the combined talent and experience of our people, coupled with the use of state-of-the art technologies in the field (i.e. Starsteer, ZoneVu, etc.), helped us become one of the most respected firms in the consulting geoscience field and a leading provider of client support.

As McLeay Geological was founded and remains headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, besides the extended experience in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, our field and office group gained considerable experience in successful projects in some of the most technically and diverse environments in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America.

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