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In a constantly changing world and in an industry that’s affected on a global scale, McLeay Geological Consultants has remained strong and steady through all the fluctuations that have come our way. We have a good team of people that make McLeay Geological a company to be proud to work for. Some of the current geological positions and possible opportunities at McLeay consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

Wellsite Supervision

  • Conventional/Unconventional
  • Vertical, Directional & Horizontal
  • Oil Sands, SAGD, Heavy oil
  • Underbalanced, CBM, Shale Gas
  • Offshore Oil Rigs
  • Starsteer experience

Oilsands Core Analysis & Depth Correction

On-location, Remote and In-house Geosteering

Mud-Logging Services

Petrographic Studies (detailed analysis of core, drill cuttings and thin-sections)

Geological Operations

  • Operations Geologist to work in Customer’s head office
  • Team Lead/Supervisor located at Client’s site.
  • Operations Geologist in McLeay Office

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