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Health, Safety & Environment

A company, and ultimately its success, is based above all else on the quality and well-being of its personnel.  To this end, McLeay Geological Consultants (2006) Ltd. recognizes that a safe and healthy working environment must be a priority above all other company goals. McLeay Geological is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, consultants and all other personnel we work with. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the public in the communities where we work and live. McLeay Geological believes that we all share in the benefits of a safe workplace.

McLeay Geological strives for a zero incident workplace. We try to accomplish this by ensuring that we are compliant with all legal and legislative responsibilities and maintaining a strong health and safety program.  All personnel are fully trained, fully equipped and prepared to go to work at a moment’s notice. Continuous training opportunities exist for personnel to constantly learn and to stay current with changing trends, techniques and technologies in a constantly evolving oil and gas industry.

McLeay Geological has a clear understanding of the impact that our business and our industry may pose to the environment and has a sincere interest in the preservation and protection of the environment.  We are keenly aware of the environmental issues and concerns that currently exist in our industry and attempt to mitigate those concerns at every opportunity.  We strive to contain our footprint on the Earth and endeavor to protect the environment in all our business activities and throughout all levels of the company. 

In addition, McLeay Geological recognizes that our business activities affect the various peoples and communities where we work and we have tremendous consideration for the impact we impose on these local areas.  It is important to us to respect the customs, celebrations and activities of the aboriginal bands and small communities in these areas and to maintain strong relationships with them.  We strive to contribute to these local areas wherever reasonably possible in the way of employment opportunities and economic benefits.

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