As a well is drilled in a complex geological structure, it is required to actively adjust the placement of the well bore in order to successfully remain within the reservoir’s ideal boundaries, improve the drilling efficiency and ultimately increase the production of the wells.

In doing so, McLeay’s highly trained and experienced geologists are watching the well(s) 24 hours a day, providing critical, real-time drilling and geological info that would help to make accurate and timely decisions, keeping the well path in zone and on target.

Weather this service is provided for one well or a multi-well programs, on location (using standard geological or specialized geosteering software), remote (in our office) or in-house (in client’s office) using preferred geosteering software, the McLeay geosteering team will help:

  • To Increase efficiency in complex well operations.
  • To enhance the communication in the field between wellsite geologists, engineering, directional driller, MWD as well as communication with clients, ensuring the well lands and remains in the target zone.
  • To extend the well life and delay of water production.
  • To increase the percentage of lateral length in pay-zones, which in turn increases the returns.
  • To maximized hydrocarbon recovery.

During the drilling of the well(s) and after the well is completed, our field and office personnel also provides, just to name a few:

  • Detailed daily reports containing a variety of graphs, vertical and horizontal Striplogs, operations reports, multiple data files and pictures, tailored to suit the needs and scheduling of the client.
  • Detailed final reports and Striplogs.
  • On-the-fly reporting and geosteering performance review.
  • Comprehensive post drill analysis including prognosed tops versus actual tops, critical points, sweet spot indicators, etc.

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