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Our Strategy

A company's success in any market depends not just on the market positioning and the internal capabilities, but also on a coherent strategy that lines up these factors at every single level.

At McLeay Geological, we believe that we are well prepared for a world with a growing population and a continuously evolving need in energy sources and as a preeminent consultancy, it is our commitment to our clients to provide the most comprehensive, responsible and professional services and in doing that, we are uniquely placed to help our clients to face today's challenges.
The recent global recession has created new challenges and opportunities for both Operators and Services and because of that, we are in a constant search to find new and concrete strategies to ride out the storm and emerge stronger than we have been before.
To prevail in the current market, at McLeay we treat strategy development as a dynamic process and we try to reinforce our position as one of the service leaders in the oil and gas industry while helping to meet every energy demand in a responsible way.
During the past 40 years, we have undertaken thousands of projects in the oil and gas industry across all major regions of Canada as well as internationally, helping our clients in developing, planning, and growing their energy plans. As a company who wants to maintain its position on the market and continue to grow in a way that fits our capabilities system, our utmost attention will be focus on:
Growing our core business and getting more from our existing and future customers within the "headroom" of their current capabilities.
We look for adjacent capabilities and services that they have not been offered before and will allow us to intersect and complement them with the already existing offerings.
Expanding our geographic footprint, extending our services and the existing capabilities system and offerings to new places and new customers.
Finally yet importantly, although a risky approach, we should build new capabilities that expand and/or replace the old and existing way to do the business and eventually giving ourselves a completely new platform for growth.

In our company, we make sure that our Code of Conduct it is understood and respected by each and every one of us and business is conducted in line with it. We believe that only working together on this, we will be able to build a sustainable growth, create value for our employees, contractors and clients and reinforce our commitment to a better service whilst contributing to the economic and social development of the country in which we operate.

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