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McLeay at a Glance

Being incorporated in 1976, McLeay Geological Consulting is one of Canada’s most successful wellsite geological consulting companies with abundant experience in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Canadian Frontier areas and Internationally. Since its inception, the company was design by its founder, Robert McLeay, to provide on-site geological services, engineering services and core and cuttings storage facilities.
Since then and under new ownership, the storage facilities have been dropped in favor of a complete focus on providing dependable and quality geological and engineering services.

In our company, we make sure that our Code of Conduct it is understood and respected by each and every one of us and business is conducted in line with it. We believe that only working together on this, we will be able to build a sustainable growth, create value for our employees, contractors and clients and reinforce our commitment to a better service whilst contributing to the economic and social development of the country in which we operate.

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