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Why Work With McLeay?

McLeay Geological Consultants is a successful geological consulting company working predominantly in Western Canada. The key to our company’s success is our field and office associates and we pride ourselves on the quality of their work. We are able to provide high quality, professional geologists, wellsite consultants, engineers, geophysicists, petrographers and mud-loggers to the oil and gas industry, in a large variety of different positions and types of jobs.

If you are interested in the development of your career in any of the fields mentioned above and want to work with like-minded professionals, please submit your resume and well list to

If you are a new graduate with a geological or engineering degree, please consider talking with us and take advantage of the potential work opportunities with McLeay or simply of our guidance, advice and mentorship.

For more information on any particular jobs that may be available, please see the Contact page.

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